DigiCert Secure Site PRO

DigiCert Secure Site Pro creates a secure environment on the website so that customers can share their data online without worry. Also, Account Verified helps businesses stay safe on the web and can show customers that the site is reliable to complete transactions.

secured domains
organization validation
unlimited server licenses
days or less to issue
Easy4SSL Guarantee
Site Seal
days refund policy
free installation and support
Authorized Reseller

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Easy4SSL Price: 539,98 $/yr 557,48 $/yr 583,30 $/yr 574,95 $/yr 649,90 $/yr
Brand Price: $ 4.751,50
Wildcard SAN:
Total : $ 2.699,90

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Product Name DigiCert Secure Site PRO DigiCert Basic OV DigiCert Secure Site
Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled
Search Engine Visibility SSL will boost Google rankings SSL Will Boost Google Rankings SSL will boost Google rankings
Validation Type Organization Validation - OV Organization Validation - OV Organization Validation - OV
Issuance Time 1 - 3 Business Days in a few hours 1 - 3 Business Days
Domains Secured FQDN (www+non-www) www.domain.com + domain.com FQDN (www+non-www)
Server Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Server Licenses Unlimited
CSR Encryption 2048 bit 2048 bit 2048 bit
SSL Encryption Robust 256-bit Encryption Strong 256-bit Encryption Robust 256-bit Encryption
Mobile & smartphone support %99 100% %99
Browser compatibility %99 100% %99
Client OS compatibility %99 100% %99
Includes Trust Seal
Reissuance Unlimited Free Reissues Unlimited Reissuance Unlimited Free Reissues
Warranty 2 Milyon US Dollar DigiCert'ten $1,25M USD 1,75 Milyon US Dollar
Refund Policy 30 Day 100% Money Back 30 Day 100% Money Back 30 Day 100% Money Back
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Included in the Price

1 Base Domain

Total 1 Domain


0 Wildcard SAN

Buy DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate at Affordable Price

DigiCert Secure Site Pro is the most advanced certificate in the DigiCert portfolio and comes with strong encryption and security against growing threats. What makes you wonder is domain plus organization verification, which helps you determine your domain ownership and differentiation of your business over the web.

With modern algorithms powered by the CA/Browser Forum, the certificate can secure the ongoing details between server and browser without being recognized by cybercriminals. Customers can easily add it to your site when they see an HTTPS and padlock.

  • Daily Malware Scan
  • DigiCert Smart Site Seal
  • $2 million guaranteed
  • ECC Algorithm Support
  • Up to 100 SAN Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Protection
  • Browser and OS compatibility
  • Improve Google Ranking

DigiCert Secure Site PRO Features and Benefits of the Certificate

Vulnerability Assessment

DigiCert Secure Site Pro certificate makes it possible to find an emerging vulnerability with the evaluation tool that comes with the certificate. You can test the network and purge it of any sensitivities. You can check for vulnerability with severity levels so you can act on their level.

Malware Scan

Customers will get a malware scanner to keep their site free of any malware that could pose a threat to the website. DigiCert offers a powerful scanner with this certificate that will constantly monitor the website and check the malware against the blacklisted malware database; so visitors will have safe browsing on your site.

ECC Algorithm

DigiCert offers an ECC algorithm in this certificate that saves time in encryption and decryption, bandwidth and extra processing power compared to RSA and DSA algorithm. ECC encryption maintains a small key size and offers a high level of security. The US government also endorses the algorithm.

Digicert Site Seal

When you have the world's most established site seal, you can be assured of the security of the website to your customers. Yes, Norton Secured Seal that you can place on the checkout page or any web page you think for that matter. The site seal is seen billions of times a day.

Warranty Protection

DigiCert understands the financial security of customers; therefore, it provides a $2 Million guarantee. It is useful when any undesirable situation arises, such as a certificate was issued incorrectly. However, DigiCert offers one of the best guarantees and the authority fully relies on its own PKI, regulation and verification process to avoid such a situation.

Supported SANs

DigiCert Secure Site Pro allows you to add new domains without spending additional money for a new certificate. You can add several SAN domains to this valid certificate and save a lot of money. If the SAN domains are on different servers, you can install this certificate on other servers.