GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN certificate is what you need if you need an easy and professional solution to secure the main domain and any 4 subdomains simultaneously. There are four SAN elements available and you can only use them for subdomains. 256-bit encryption comes with every SSL to ensure excellent compatibility with most browsers or mobile devices.

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Product Name GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL GoGetSSL® Multi-Domain SSL
Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled
Search Engine Visibility SSL will boost Google rankings SSL will boost Google rankings SSL will boost Google rankings
Validation Type Domain Validation - DV Organization Validation - OV Domain Validation - DV
Issuance Time 5 minutes or less to issue 15 minutes or less to issue 5 minutes or less to issue
Domains Secured 4 Free Single SANs Up to 100 multiple domains with a single SSL 2 Single San
Server Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CSR Encryption 2048 bit 2048 bit 2048 bit
SSL Encryption Robust 256-bit Encryption Robust 256-bit Encryption Robust 256-bit Encryption
Mobile & smartphone support %99 %99 %99
Browser compatibility %99 %99 %99
Client OS compatibility %99 %99 %99
Includes Trust Seal
Reissuance Unlimited Free Reissues Unlimited Free Reissues Unlimited Free Reissues
Warranty 500.000 US Dollar 1.750.000 US Dollar 50.000$
Refund Policy 30 Day 100% Money Back 30 Day 100% Money Back 30 Day 100% Money Back
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Included in the Price

1 Base Domain

Total 5 Domain


0 Wildcard SAN

Buy GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN Certificate at Cheap Price

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate comes with some amazing features like $500,000 warranty, unlimited server license and 30-day money-back guarantee and much more like below.

  • SHA-2 Enabled
  • Unlimited Server License
  • Free Reposts
  • Browser Compatibility
  • 2048-bit CSR Encryption
  • Domain Authentication
  • 30-day Refund Policy
  • $500,000 guaranteed

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN Features and Benefits of the Certificate

New FLEX Technology

A great option for products with the new FLEX feature that allows to protect standard single domains, subdomains, Public IP addresses and even Wildcard domains at once. Historically, there were separate Multi-Domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates that did not allow to have different types of SANs.

Multi-Domain Certificate

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are great helpers when you need to secure some domain or subdomain with a single SSL. Most people only have one dedicated IP address assigned to their hosting account, so they don't have the option to install multiple single domain certificates. It is also an excellent solution for Exchange servers.

Bonus feature

QuickSSL Premium comes with dynamic site seal logo to increase conversions and increase trust in your services and website. Verified information will appear when anyone clicks on the seal site icon. Be sure to place a Site seal on the most popular pages, such as the home page, login or checkout.

Domain Certified certificate

Domain Validated SSL is very fast as there is no paperwork involved in the process of verifying and confirming domain ownership. You can be a business company, organization, Government entity or even a private person as there are no limits or strict obligations to get a QuickSSL Premium certificate, only SSL for everyone.

Google SEO Booster

Great news for all webmasters, now every website with SSL certificate installed rank higher on Google. We believe Extended and Business Validation SSL certificates rank higher than Domain validation certificates, but these are minor changes to the Google algorithm.

Strong compatibility

Today is the era of mobile devices and therefore it is very important to have full compatibility with most mobile and PC browsers. GeoTrust is investing a significant amount of money to make their SSL compatible with every single device on the planet.