Buy More SAN items

It is possible to add up to 250 SAN items to Multi-Domain SSL certificates. Kindly use our built-in service to add SAN items and Reissue SSL certificate:
  • How to add more SAN items

    It is possible to Buy/Modify SAN items for "active/issued" SSL certificates only. It is not possible to change order while its processing.

    1. Go to "SSL Certificates";
    2. Open details of your order;
    3. Click "Buy more SAN" button;
    4. Select amount of SAN items to purchase;
    5. Process payment and go back to your order details
    6. Click "Reissue SSL" button;
    7. Submit CSR and input new SAN item names;
    8. Revalidate the order;
    9. You will receive new files once SSL will be reissued. Use them to reinstall SSL on your server.