Code Signing SSL Certificates

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    Code Signing certificate - a certificate by which software or scripts are signed, it confirms the author of the program and ensures that the code has not been changed after the digital signature has been applied. They are also called developer certificates.

    So developer certificates provide us with several options. Firstly, it is a digital signature mechanism that confirms that the program that you use is really released by a particular company, that is, it guarantees the authenticity of the source. And secondly, it guarantees the integrity of the content, that is, that from the moment of signing the software product has not been damaged or modified.

    In all modern versions of Windows, starting with Windows XP SP2, when you install software without such a digital signature, you will receive a warning. The same thing applies to install drivers that do not have a corresponding digital signature.

    If a digital signature is not found, Windows will issue a warning that this program has an “Unknown Publisher” and it is not recommended to run it.

    Code Signing SSL - Unknown

    If the program is digitally signed, the window will look different and you can also see information about the certificate.

    Code Signing SSL - Verified
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      EV Code Signing certs

      Advanced Code Signing Certificates (EV Code Signing) take full advantage of conventional code signing certificates, but provide a higher level of trust in the software, ensuring that the information about the software developer is reliable and has been verified with great care:

      • The name and address of the organization is displayed in the certificate;
      • The time stamp ensures that the seal does not expire after the certificate ends;
      • The certificate is stored on a USB token for two-factor authentication;
      • Instant Reputation Verification in Microsoft SmartScreen Filter;
      • Provides access to the Windows Hardware Development Center Dashboard Portal.