Do I need SSL for simple content website

  • Starting in July 2018 Google suggested making SSL certificates mandatory for all websites. That is great for us as to SSL provider, sales growing, thank you all. Owners of websites that do not have any forms, e-commerce and are just content websites curious and asking if they need SSL for their website.

    We are honest people here, and our answer is - No. There is no need to install SSL if there is no traffic to encrypt. Your users do not submit comments, testimonials, do not fill contact form or no other interaction with a website, just reading your posts and articles.

    However, there is one great advantage, Google boosts SEO and increases website rankings to those who use SSL certificate. Technically, just 4$ per year just to have better rankings is a good investment. Please also note, that browsers would show "Not secured" in the address bar for your website, that is not critical for you as nothing to protect, but website visitors may be scared a bit.