How to Renew SSL

The process of renewal is almost the same as placing a New Order. You will need to submit new or original CSR code, pass the verification process and reinstall new files on the server. You may start renewal within 30-days before the expiration of your SSL. Please note, OV/EV validation takes longer and we suggest to renew before 15-days of expiration at least.
  • To Renew SSL Certificate

    1. Login to Management Platform:
    2. Go to "My Prices" section
    3. Select product and click "order" button
    4. Select the product period and features
    5. Process the payment process
    6. Go to the SSL certificates section and click Generate Certificate button
    7. When you will submit CSR code, select RENEW from the options menu and your new SSL will be connected with the old one. All remaining days from the previous SSL will be added to the new one. 30-days is the max number of days can be added

    Code Signing or PAC(S/MIME) SSL Renewal

    Both products do not have renewal procedure, you need to place new orders and start the process again. That is not our rule, but CAs.

    • "Ultra" renewal of OV/EV certs by GeoTrust, Thawte and DigiCert?

      Yeap! We are glad to say, that new renewal technology by DigiCert allows to renew most of OV/EV certs within less than 5 (five) seconds. No callback, no domain validation, no documents. The renewal order should be exactly the same as the original. That is huge step forward to remove pain during renewals.

    • Can I renew SSL purchased elsewhere, with you?

      Yes you can! We allow renewing an SSL certificate purchased from another provider. You can start the renewal process no earlier than the 30-day of SSL expiration period. We will add all days left from the original cert for any Digicert, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte, Sectigo, or GoGetSSL certificates.

    • Will I lose remaining days If I renew BEFORE 30-day of expiration?

      Yes you will! You need start the renewal process not earlier than 30-days before expiration and that is global rule.