Monthly Billing service

We offer monthly billing service with the credit line up to 50,000$ for large customers and resellers with a significant number of orders. That means no more deposits or prepayments, all orders will be processed automatically day and night. No mass work to your accountant as only one invoice will be received per month. You will receive a new invoice at first date of each month with all orders placed within the previous month. You should make payment within 5-7 working days.
  • Monthly Billing rules

    You should qualify for at least one (1) rule to get monthly billing, however, every activation needs our careful attention and risk analysis.

    • One-time deposit in the amount of 500$;
    • total sales of more than 2,000$;
    • sales history if you switched from another provider/reseller.

    Refund and charging rules

    • We will not charge you for any order placed and canceled within the same month;
    • We will charge all processing and active orders for the previous month;
    • The refund will be reflected in the next monthly invoice with a minus (-) position if you paid the order and it was canceled during the next billing period. Example: you placed an order on 15th August and on 1st September you received a new monthly invoice including that order. On 5th September you make a payment for that invoice, but on 10th date, you decide to cancel that paid order. In that case, the invoice that will be generated 1st October would include that refund.
    • It is not possible to remove orders from the generated invoice, you have to pay them all and request refund for next invoice