Why No Padlock

  • A very common issue related to SSL happens when customers and website owners do no see green/gray padlock in the address bar. That may happen in all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari and others. There could be multiple reasons, however, we have strong scenario of how to find out the problem and fix it.

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      Qualys SSL labs

      We highly suggest starting checking your SSL/TLS certificate using the most professional SSL test tool by SSL Labs. You will receive multiple error messages if your certificate is broken or old. It is possible to hide results from the public by checking "Do not show the results on the boards". It takes around two minutes to scan your web server. Start by entering your domain name in "hostname" field and click "Submit".

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      Check for insecure content

      In most cases, the reason is that your website or the page has 3rd party insecure links and content. That could be images, CSS styles or scripts that are embedded from 3rd party websites without an installed SSL certificate.

      1. Click "F12" in your Chrome browser;
      2. Find "Security" tab;
      3. Check if you have any issues.

      The screenshot below shows that connection is secured and the SSL certificate is valid. However, the "resources" shows "mixed content" confirming the insecure content on your website.


      Another screenshot that shows how the insecure content looks in the HTML code. You need to find all such lines in the code of your website and change them from HTTP:// to HTTPS://, that should fix the problem.



      A well-known issue and multiple fixing solutions available.